So you need graphic design…

Excellent! That's what we do.

WS Design is a creative company located just outside Chicago. We've worked on all kinds of projects for all kinds of clients–probably on a project very similar to the one you're developing right now.

How can you benefit from working with WS Design?

Fresh Creative: Your message is unique, exciting, and new. We want to keep it that way. It's our job to relay your information to new and/or existing customers. Sometimes that vehicle is wildly creative. Other times it’s straightforward. Whichever the case, it’s always appropriate.

Accurate Production: Ad size specs, pre-press settings, web accessibility, postal permits–in the heat of production all that technical stuff can get out of control. That's why we get a grip on it from the beginning. A solid foundation of research and experience carries your project to completion.

Cost-effective Approach: When we ask for a client's budget upfront, it isn’t a license to spend the max. Rather, it assures the end product meets your expectations, creates smarter, strategic recommendations, and prevents going back to the drawing board. 

Time-sensitive Workflow: You need it when you need it. We understand that and we'll do everything we can to meet your deadline. We speed things up by thinking faster, gathering information quicker, and processing concepts asap.

Satisfaction: Around here, client satisfaction equals customer service. Tight deadline? Okay. Special message? Alright. Style guidelines to follow? Great! We exist because of your promotional needs. If you’re not satisfied then there’s not much point.

Welcome to WS Design. We're glad you're here.